About SSRL

Mission: To identify challenges to college student success, inform potential policy solutions, assess impact on student experiences and outcomes, and facilitate systemic improvement. 


SSRL’s Research unit conducts scholarly IRB-based research, connects Ohio State faculty researchers to the student success agenda (e.g., SASR research grants, research-oriented working groups), disseminates Ohio State student success work nationally (e.g., journal articles, policy briefs, conferences, invited lectures) and serves on state and national advisory boards and committees. SSRL’s Program Assessment unit collaborates with and advises offices within SAE to support their program assessment and strategic planning processes. 


Key University Partnerships:  

Office of Undergraduate Education 

Academic Programs 

Strategic Enrollment Management 

Center for the Study of Student Life 

Office of Diversity and Inclusion 

EHE Educational Studies 

Dennis Learning Center 

University Libraries 

Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning