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Dennis Learning Center and CLSE team publish SASR grant-supported study

The Dennis Learning Center and the Center for Life Sciences Education team have published research that was supported by the Student Academic Success Research grant and a Research and Implementation grant from the Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning in CBE - Life Sciences Education online. This research paper examines cocurricular workshops for laboratory sections of an undergraduate biology course.

October 12, 2021

Tackling Transfer Initiative Brief: Engaging Faculty Values

The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program, HCM Strategists, and Sova are leading the national Tackling Transfer partnership, supporting transfer policy, practice, research, and strategic communications. A recent publication, authored by Dr. Shanna S. Jaggars and Dr. Marcos D. Rivera from the OSAS Student Success Research Lab, outlines strategies institutions can use to engage their own faculty in an expanded or strengthened transfer mission.

October 1, 2021

2021 Student Academic Success Research Grants awarded

The Office of Student Academic Success, in partnership with Digital Flagship and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, recently awarded $200,000 in Student Academic Success Research Grants Program funds to Ohio State researchers focused on student academic success. The funded projects focus on improving course success, retention or graduation, with an emphasis on historically underrepresented students and other underserved student groups.

August 26, 2021

The Transfer Reset: Rethinking Equitable Policy for Today’s Learners

OSAS Assistant Vice-Provost Shanna Jaggars, along with colleagues on the national Tackling Transfer Policy Advisory Board, is pleased to announce the release of the Board’s report, The Transfer Reset: Rethinking Equitable Policy for Today’s Learners. The Board includes leaders in education policy from four-year institutions, community colleges, and state departments of education, and their report sets forth state and federal policy recommendations designed to dismantle inequitable transfer systems and build a new approach to allow students to more easily achieve their educational goals.

July 27, 2021

Continued American Talent Initiative membership

In 2016, Ohio State was a founding member of the American Talent Initiative, a collaborative effort to enroll and graduate an additional 50,000 highly talented, limited-income students at top colleges and universities across the United States by 2025. Ohio State’s membership in the initiative has helped increase the graduation rates of the university’s Pell-eligible students by focusing attention and strategic planning around the success of this population, including the rollouts of the President’s Affordability Grant and Buckeye Opportunity Program. In 2021, President Kristina M. Johnson, who joined Ohio State in September 2020, recommitted to ATI’s goal of enrolling and graduating more low- and moderate-income students.

June 28, 2021

New report on Ohio’s statewide textbook affordability effort

A new report by Ohio State researchers examines Ohio's statewide multi-institutional project to develop free course materials for popular college courses and provides key recommendations for Ohio policymakers and college leaders. The report, co-led by the Office of Student Academic Success and the University Libraries, focuses on the Ohio Open Ed Collaborative, a statewide initiative that recruited and supported inter-institutional teams of faculty to develop open and affordable college course materials.

May 11, 2021

Lessons learned: A year of online learning

A year of online learning has opened doors for many and exacerbated issues of inequity in higher education for others. But what have we learned about how students learn online and how institutions can adapt? How can we address the needs of student populations that have been underserved during this transition? Can quality education be equitably provided to all students virtually—and how, if at all, should tuition costs adjust? To dig into these questions and more, Third Way’s Michelle Dimino was joined by Taela Dudley, Senior Policy Associate at The Century Foundation; Jillian Klein, Senior Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs at Strategic Education; Dr. Justin Ortagus, Assistant Professor of Higher Education Administration and Policy at the University of Florida; and Dr. Shanna Smith Jaggars, Assistant Vice Provost of Research and Program Assessment in the Office of Student Academic Success at The Ohio State University.

April 5, 2021

Ohio State research looks at students’ tech needs

This report authored by Shanna S. Jaggars, Benjamin A. Motz, Marcos D. Rivera, Andrew Heckler, Joshua D. Quick, Elizabeth A. Hance, and Caroline Karwisch, is a timely resource for evaluating and improving access to the technologies needed for online learning during the pandemic and beyond. This report examines the meaning and impact of the digital divide — the gap between those who can and cannot access the Internet — on college students during the COVID-19 emergency shift to remote learning. The assessment is based on several national surveys conducted in the spring or summer of 2020, as well as results from a large-scale survey the authors conducted at Indiana University and The Ohio State University during the same time period.

February 15, 2021

ASPEN Institute briefs published on improving outcomes for transfer students

Investments in community college transfer success during COVID-19 will create a more equitable education system. Two new briefs—produced by the Aspen Institute in collaboration with HCM Strategists, Bruce Vandal LLC, and transfer researchers Shanna Smith Jaggars and Marcos Rivera—offer specific policy and practice recommendations that can be implemented today to improve outcomes for transfer students, both in the short term and as part of a strategy to address structural barriers to transfer success and equity. 

November 16, 2020