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    Academic Student Success

    In order to continually improve the institution’s already-strong retention and graduation rates, the Office of Student Academic Success champions innovations and opportunities that will eliminate barriers to student academic success and develop a student’s full potential. Our research in this area focuses on how to support students who encounter academic struggle. Projects include the Spring Forward study, and our study of how transfer/campus-change student GPAs are affected by the transition to a new campus, conducted as part of the Joyce Foundation project.

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    As part of its Strategic Plan, the university has prioritized affordability as a key focus area. Our research has focused on textbook affordability, given that textbook costs are equivalent to 12% of in-state tuition for four-year college students across the country. Studies in this area focus on the university’s Affordable Learning Exchange program and the statewide Ohio Open Ed Collaborative (OOEC), both of which aim to expand faculty implementation of Open Educational Resources.

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    Institutional Context

    Our work in this area has focused on cross-institutional and within-institution collaboration, and the role of state policy in institutional student success initiatives. As part of this research, we aim to identify practices that improve institutional performance and increase student success within and across colleges and universities. Projects in this area include the Ohio Open Ed Collaborative study and our current study of transfer credit articulation as part of the Joyce Foundation project.

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    Student Experience

    A key goal of the Office of Student Academic Success (OSAS) is to enhance the student experience, by providing exceptional experiences, tools, and opportunities for students to succeed academically throughout their entire Ohio State journey. Our research in this area focuses on how students’ personal experiences with the university influence their academic success. Projects include the COVID-19 Teaching and Learning Survey and our study of transfer/campus-change students’ social supports and self-efficacy, conducted as part of the Joyce Foundation project.